Almanac Cluster IPA 22oz


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Almanac Cluster IPA

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Almanac Cluster IPA

We love fresh hop beers. Every autumn, hop bines all over the west coast explode with aromatics cones of lupulin deliciousness. To celebrate the hop harvest, we’ve brewed three Fresh Hop IPAs that highlight three hop varietals and celebrate the fine art of organic hop cultivation at Hopsmeister Farm.  Marty and Claudia Kuchinski are passionate about growing super vibrant hops, and it shows in the resulting beers. Try these three single-hop IPAs side by side to experience a single Northern California “hop appellation”, encompassing a wide range of hop flavors and aromas. Each beer is brewed with an identical malt base and hop addition schedules, creating beers where the overall bitterness and aromas are determined by the character of the specific fresh hop used. The fresh hops add a layer of grassy, herbal depth not available anytime except right now, during the peak of the hop harvest.