Almanac Chinook IPA 22oz


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Almanac Chinook IPA

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Almanac Chinook IPA

Almanac is proud to introduce our first IPA! Brewed to highlight California-grown hops, our Single Origin Chinook IPA is hopped exclusively using hops harvested in 2012 from the Hops-Meister Hop Farm in Clearlake, California. Brewed with 2-row, Vienna and Crystal Malts, this unfiltered IPA puts the character of local hops up front with a pungent grapefruit peel aroma, strong bitterness and lingering hop finish.
California once overflowed with hop fields. Today, all of those hops have long since been replaced by grapes, but small farm hops are making a comeback, thanks to farmers like Marty and Claudia Kuchinski at Hops-Meister Hop Farm in Clearlake, California. Tall spires of hops reach for the sky and the air is fragrant with hop aromas. This IPA celebrates the local hop growers in California reviving the traditional hop trellis lining the California hills.