AleSmith Yule Summer Ale 22oz


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AleSmith Yule Smith Summer Ale

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Ale Smith

Yule Smith – Summer

About This Beer

Our most popular seasonal ale, YuleSmith is brewed twice a year in two different, yet similar, styles: For summertime, it’s an Imperial/Double IPA.


During the summer, YuleSmith is transformed into a big, hoppy, Double IPA. The enormous load of hops requires a substantial malt background to create just the right balance for a Double IPA. Lighter in color, summer YuleSmith is available around the 4th of July and is packaged in a red, white, and blue bottle.


Gold World Beer Championships 2003, 2004, 2005

ABV: 9.5%
Original Gravity: 1.085

Beeradvocate = 95
ratebeer = 100