AleSmith Grand Cru 750ml


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AleSmith Grand Cru

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AleSmith Grand Cru

About This Beer

Our other famous Belgian-style offering is our Grand Cru. As with Horny Devil, it is fermented using yeast which originated in a Trappist monastery in Belgium. A darker type of Belgian candi sugar gives it more color and a richer complexity of flavor, consistent with the Belgian style.


Medium-dark brown, with tan head. Sweet, malty aroma with a satisfying balance of hoppiness. Tremendously intriguing, complex flavors play upon the palate shifting from sweet to tangy to hoppy and so on. The medium-dryfinish leaves you eager for the next sip.


Multiple awards, including Silver and Bronze in its category at the California State Fair, multiple years.

Vital Statistics

ABV 10.5%
Original Gravity 1.093

Beeradvocate = 91
ratebeer = 99