Akashi Eigashima Whisky 750ml


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Akashi White Oak Malt Grain Eigashima Japanese Whisky

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Akashi White Oak Malt Grain Eigashima Japanese Whisky

Unusual and complex, the aroma peels back and forth in layers of fruits such as yellow apple, black currants, dark cherries and angelic fruits, while also mixing in the baked pleasures of Christmas cake, powder sugar, honeyed tea

Pull through the aroma while adding to the already complex nature with ginger nutmeg, cocoa, orange very surprising for a whiskey so young with a medicinal layer to still hold the attention

Medium Finish with a Creamy sherry and peppermint coating relaxing the mood

The Akashi Eigashima Whisky is unusual in the amount of layers it brings to the table. Its medicinal layer is clearly evident throughout but doesn’t wholeheartedly detract from the whiskey itself. The only drawback is with so many layers in every aspect, where do stop to enjoy just a few and breathe in an intoxicating effect.

Meal Preference
Fish or Fish and Rice

The nose is slightly fruity with hints of lemon, cherry, toffee, oats and sea air. The palate is perfectly clean & easy with a touch of peat on the finish. Excellent representation of a classic Japanese whisky flavor profile.