Adictivo Tequila 3-Pack Combo


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Adictivo Tequila 3-Pack Combo

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Adictivo Tequila 3-Pack Combo

Adictivo Reposado Tequila:
Tequila Adictivo Reposado is 100% pure Blue Agave, bright straw color with golden sparkles, with a soft and prolonged flavor and aromas of wood and cooked agave.

Adictivo Anejo Tequila:
Tequila Adictivo Añejo is a Tequila 100% pure Blue Agave, with an intense golden amber color and a mixture of toasted aromas that offers an excellent flavor.

Adictivo Extra Añejo Tequila:
Tequila Adictivo Extra Añejo is 100% pure Blue Agave, dark amber with reddish hues with excellent roasted flavor, sweet and fruity aromas.