Adictivo Añejo Black Tequila


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Adictivo Añejo Black Tequila

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Adictivo Añejo Black Tequila, a Mexican gem that turns every sip into an unforgettable experience. This tequila, distilled in the heartland of Jalisco, is a testament to the craft of artisanal tequila-making.

Aged for two years in French oak barrels, Adictivo Añejo Black Tequila is an invitation to relish the unique blend of sweet agave, warm spice, and complex smoky undertones. Its captivating black color, a special feature that sets it apart from the crowd, is achieved through an all-natural process. No artificial coloring here, just the deep, dark richness born from meticulous aging.

On the nose, Adictivo Añejo Black Tequila presents a delightful symphony of caramel and toasted almond, teasing your senses with an enticing preview of the bold flavor to follow. The first sip reveals a rich, velvety smooth texture, with a sweet hint of vanilla and layers of complex earthy notes.