Absolut Orient Apple 750ml


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Absolut Orient Apple Vodka

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Absolut Orient Apple Vodka

A Tier 2 scoring Vodka, the Absolut Orient Apple proclaims to be all natural ingredients with no added sugars product. Now, let’s not get excited. That is not to say that it is sugar-free. Fruits have natural sugars; the product only has no added sugars.

Scandalous and Sensational are two of the reasons why 80 Proof Absolut Vodka has become the most popular vodka in the world today. The other reason is for the crisp, clear quality of their cocktail line. Ladies and Gents alike find fascinating and intriguing uses for the spicy flavoured vodka that put others to shame.

The Orient Apple line features a delicate blend of ripened red apples with hints of ginger. It is the creation of a perfect infusion that has been introduced to the market previously under the Absolut Brookly in collaboration with native Spike Lee.

Experience the scandals and sensations firsthand…..