Aberlour A'Bunadh Cask 750ml


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Aberlour A'Bunadh Cask Strength Scotch

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Aberlour A'Bunadh Cask Strength Scotch

Aberlour the ‘mouth of the chattering burn’ is shrouded in ancient myths and legend.

Here, a wild mountain stream fed by the Aberlour spring and meets with the cascading Spey River. Since ancient times, this has been a meeting place. Man has found sustenance in the soft, clear waters. Ancient Druids and Celts were worshippers. Voices of sprints were heard talking in the burn. Priests dispensed these healing waters to the sick. Behind the distillery is their ancient shrine at Fairy Hill. Later Saint Drostán and intrepid evangelist and the son of the King of Demetia came to bring Christianity to the communities of the North East of Scotland. Now the waters were used to baptize rather than to heal. A weather-beaten granite lintel, is preserved at the Aberlour distillery. It is engraved with the name of a mysterious natural spring known as ‘St Dunstan’s Well’.

Whether spirits or healing powers there is undoubtedly some magic here, a magic that in the early 1900 was harnessed by local lad James Flemming; the son of a farmer who supplied grain to local Speyside distilleries. Flemming spared no expense in achieving his dream. He set out to make the best Single Malt in Speyside.

Designing and supervising construction he used the magic of this place in his distillery. He harnessed the steady and abundant flow of the Spey to turn a huge waterwheel to provide power for the entire distillery. Indeed it kept on doing so until the late 1960’s and the older folk of Aberlour remember it well. Then, using the perfect, soft crystal clear and chattering spring water in his creation he realized his dream. Aberlour Single Malt speaks for itself.

Modest and altruistic man; Flemming became a pillar in his community and lived his life by his family’s motto ‘Let The Deed Show’. As the mouth of the chattering burn gave Fleming’s prosperity, he repaid it using his accumulating wealth to improve lives in the community. He paid for the building of a cottage hospital and for a town hall. In his Will he left money for a bridge, to replace the dangerous ferry that crossed the fast running waters Spey.

'Let the deed show’

In Letting The Deed Show is born Aberlour A’bunadh. In old Gaelic A’bunadh means ‘the original’. This name paying homage to James Flemming.

Aberlour A’bunadh is as rare as it is precious. A cask strength whisky prized amongst connoisseurs specialists. Each batch is carefully made by hand using only traditional methods; without chill filtration nor any other modern process.

It has a deep and rich glowing amber coloration. Utterly memorable it is little wonder that this flavorsome single malt has such a cult following. Abounding aromas of allspice, sweet, nutty praline, orange zest which are in perfect accord with the deeper notes of Oloroso Sherry.

It is heavier, and a much creamier single malt than others. The palate is strikingly full-bodied. The flavors of oranges and deep black cherries and dried cake fruit, spicy ginger laced with the bitterness of dark chocolate. The lingering and mouth coating richness of Sherry and oak.The finish is strong, brawny and goes the distance. Bittersweet notes, exotic spices, dark chocolate and oak linger on the tongue.

Auburn gold

Aromas of mixed spices, praline and spiced orange harmonising with rich, deep notes of Oloroso Sherry

Orange, black cherries, dried fruit and ginger spiked with dark bitter chocolate and enriched with Sherry and Oak. Full bodied and creamy

Robust and intense with bitter-sweet notes of exotic spices, dark chocolate and oak