Happy Mother's Day from Quality Liquor Store

Posted by Vinny N on 05 06 2015

'Mother's Day' in some form or another has ebbed and flowed in and out of popularity throughout recent history. During the late 1860's inspired by peace groups and led by social activist Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis Mother's Day Work Clubs were formed to help mothers whose sons were fighting or had died in the American Civil War.

It is however Jarvis' daughter Anna Marie, the tenth of thirteen children who is actually better known as the founder of Mother's Day as we now know it when in 1908, three years after her mother's death, she held a service of remembrance 'for her mother and all mothers' at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia.

Campaigning for many years to have this day of honor to all mothers proclaimed as a recognized annual holiday, by the time her efforts finally paid off in 1914 its popularity had already spread not only across the width and breadth of our country but indeed across all corners of the world.

Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church is now The International Mother's Day Shrine, designated a National Historic Landmark, and whilst in other countries Mother's day falls on other dates, or follows other traditions and origins here in the United States we celebrate and give thanks for our Mother's on the second Sunday of May.

America's sons and daughters the day you are given this unique opportunity to show your love and deep appreciation of your mother draws near. It is a time our mothers' love... if their children are away they may if they can visit home, they will send a card, an email or will call.....If mothers have children still at home, they may have a special treat; breakfast in bed, a family lunch they haven't themselves prepared and cooked, or even home-baked cookies.

To be honest

what her gift is won't necessarily matter. No matter how small, or how humble, be it home made or home-baked...or whether it is a larger and more lavish gesture....whatever the gift, because it came from you, you can be certain that your mother will love it and will accept it with her heart full of love and pride.

For Anna Jarvis the white carnation symbolized the day. Her mother used to grow them and bought her memory close. She said its whiteness epitomized the truth, purity and broad-charity of mother love; whilst its gentle fragrance embodied her memory, and her prayers. In choosing the carnation she noted too that it does not drop its petals, but instead hugs them close to its heart as it dies. In this it illustrated how mothers hug their children to their hearts, their mother-love forever undying.

Unfortunately at Quality Liquor Store we do not sell flowers, but if we were to recommend a gift for your mother from upon our shelves then picking up and mirroring the symbolism of the white carnation we would recommend you celebrate and toast your mother's good health and happiness with white wine or champagne. It's bright fizz and floral fragrance the perfume of a mothers joy, it's clarity the transparency of her love, and it's abundant flavour the richness of her love.