Happy Holiday Shopping

Posted by Vinny N on 12 15 2015

Happy Holidays from Quality Liquor Store

Tis’ the Christmas season to rejoice in the familiar scene of crowded parking lots, stores, aisles and more. It is also the time when one finds themselves thinking more of the family than they could have possibly found the time to each day of the past year. Is there anything out there that can be found that means the world and then some for the one person who has been there for all the days of past? Look out fellow friends, foes and associates here comes my mother coupons in hand…

The last minute times bring the best of holiday shopping sales and deals. The procrastinators are out in full force looking to cram all fifty-two friends and family members into the last weeks and hours. It is not just about the Oh; I forgot, or work, sometimes my dear it is all about the rush. The adrenaline of the 50% off shopping before one pm.

The stresses of Christmas

are just a myth placed within the mind by one without the spirit. Stop for a moment and remember the days of yesteryear. Good ole St. Nick is still within the heart and soul.

Pillows, laptops, games and more are all on the list. Don’t forget the wine to wrap it all up. The hours are winding down for this Christmas shopping season and the last minute sales are still to be had. ‘lest we forget the dear angels who, so diligently wrap along the way, one last job to finish up your day.