50/50 Eclipse Evan 23yr 2014


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Fifty Fifty Eclipse Evan Williams 23 Year

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Fifty Fifty Eclipse Evan Williams 23 Year

Eclipse: a rare astronomical event, an alignment of heavenly celestial bodies.

At Fifty Fifty Brewing Company, each year they create their own Eclipse, aligning carefully selected heavenly bodies to create a truly cosmic brew

Eclipse is a handcrafted brew made with carefully selected ingredients, combined with other celestial bodies and aged to absolute perfection. The result is a beer that been described as an epic experience of taste.

Small batch brewed award winning Totality, is a rich and substantial Imperial Stout, made with fine malt and hops, crystal clear mountain water and yeast. 18 other ingredients are added, deliberately chosen for their own unique qualities.

To create Eclipse, Totality is aligned by aged for no less than 180 days in select ex-bourbon barrels, where it slowly takes on a profusion of flavors enriching it even further.

Fifty Fifty Eclipse Evan Williams 23 Year is Totality aged in barrels that once held Gold Award winning Evan Williams 23yr Kentucky Straight Bourbon from the Heaven Hill Distillery. As it rests and is turned in these casks over 6 months, it gradually takes on Evan’s stellar qualities. Unhurried, they generously add their own virtuous rich aromas and flavors.

The result is a very dark and full bodied beer. Pop the cap and the aroma escapes; delicious bourbon, sweet with cocoa and layers of dark fruit. Then as you drink, taste the rich dark chocolate, roasted expresso and experience the warmth of bourbon. This first taste gives way as the oaky character of the barrel comes in bringing hints of vanilla and coconut, with a bitter background of hops. Sticking around for an elongated farewell, the finish delivers dark dried fruit, hints of tobacco and bittersweet chocolate.

There is no doubt that 50/50 Eclipse Evan is a praiseworthy and lovingly crafted masterpiece.