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21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat

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21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat

6 Pack | Cans

From San Francisco’s South Park neighbourhood where sits the 21st Amendment Brewery comes their summer seasonal Hell or High Watermelon.

An American wheat beer brewed with Magnum hops this is fermented a second time with the addition of gigantic, fresh and juicy watermelons. The result is a surprisingly crisp and dry beer that doesn't just quench the thirst, it quite literally drenches it.

As refreshing as a fire-hydrant shower, in summer, the hiss as you open your first can delivers with it the first kiss of watermelon. It is a mouthwatering aroma. Pouring in the glass the color of straw the white head will dissipate rapidly leaving you to quickly get your lips around it and enjoy its refreshing fruit laden flavors.

Light bodied, this beer goes down real smooth with not too much carbonation. Citrus and wheat in the palate with the watermelon delivering a second sweet and lip-smacking kiss as it soothes the throat.

With 6 cans in the pack and your thirst satisfied, you can move on to enjoy can no.2, and might also feel at liberty to share.