2 Towns Cider Master Reserve


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2 Towns Cider Master Reserve

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2 Towns Cider Master Reserve

2 Towns Cider hits it out of the Ball Park again with their limited release of the Master Reserve. With a “less than 300 cases produced”, there may be a shortage happening on this gem.

Scent, Aroma, Nose, whatever we want to refer to it today, is it appealing enough to us as we open the bottle to want to go any further?

Absolutely, fragrant, fresh pressed local variety cider apples immediately surround anything within the area. The cap held in the scent for as long as possible.

Taste- Dry, Light on the barrel flavor, but still fascinating and pleasurable to the palate to not put your glass down. The perfect blend of apple flavors, slight carbonation, and hints of the banana aroma keep the glass close to the mouth in an almost greedy way.

Let it blend and enjoy the occasion. This is not cider that is to be slammed down or for a rowdy bunch. Relax, have fun and enjoy yourselves with some snacks and good friends.