1921 Tequila Cream 750ml


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1921 Cream Tequila Liqueur

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1921 Tequila Cream

Bottle comes in either Pink or Light Blue (sorry not a choice)

1921 Tequila Cream combines the soft flavor of cream with our authentic 100% Blue Weber Agave Blanco Tequila. Tastes mild and sweet with subtle cinnamon and vanilla flavors and a hint of coffee.  100% Mexican and unique in it's category.  A low alcohol grade makes it a soft and pleasant drink for everyone's palate.

  • Its scent is fresh with the smell of herbs and agave field.
  • Taste: Mild and sweet due to its excellent mix of traditional Mexican flavors with a hint of coffee.
  • This product is 100% Mexican.
  • It is unique in its category.
  • Has a low grade alcohol, which makes a soft drink.
  • Unmatched flavor and consistency
  • It is for everyone’s taste.
  • Can be used as a digestive.
  • It is perfect to combine with desserts.